Beautiful Bedrooms on a Budget

If your bedroom décor has gone a bit flat and you no longer feel excited when you walk into the room, then it’s time to spruce things up. Your boudoir should be your ultimate relaxing retreat, your haven of calm and an expression of your personality. It is possible to have a make-over without going bankrupt so take a look at these top tips for beautifying your bedroom on a budget:  If you want more money to invest you could remortgage or use savings.  If you are interested in transfer of equity costs visit Sam Conveyancing.


The easiest and quickest way to inject some luxury into your room is to treat yourself to new bedding. The colour and design of your bedding can set the tone for the rest of the décor so whether you choose cotton, satin, graphic, floral or pure white – you can go classy or modern and it all starts with the focal point of your bed.

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Bedside Table

You don’t have to buy new, you could easily repurpose a piece of furniture you already own. Sand it down and repaint or go browsing in local charity shops or reclamation yards to pick up a bargain. You could even replace the handles and pulls on an existing item to breathe new life into it without having to buy new. The handles and pulls can as decorative as you like to add personality to your décor.


Why not dress up that dresser? A few ideas include flowers, fresh or silk, ornaments, framed family photos, hanging artwork above the dresser or an attractive candle display. Don’t forget the walls either. You could hang a piece of metal art for a modern feel, canvas prints of the family, ornate mirrors or anything that grabs your fancy and fits with the theme you’re seeking.


If you want to free up some much-needed space, then Fitted Wardrobes can help you with a range of bespoke storage solutions that will look chic and modern. These wardrobes will enable you to free your room of clutter, leaving you more able to relax and unwind. Clutter can be subconsciously stress-inducing so having hidden storage solutions could be the answer to a much better night’s sleep!

Add a Rug

The simple addition of a luxuriously soft rug can make a space look bigger and flow better. It will also feel wonderful beneath your feet. To avoid a rug that creeps across the floor, be sure to get one large enough to tuck under the edge of the bed and one other piece of furniture.

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Often overlooked, dressing up windows can make a big difference to the atmosphere of a room. Treat yourself to a new pole, stylish new curtains or explore the huge variety of blinds available that enable you to adjust the light levels and change the atmosphere. Think about mixing up a bold print valance with monochrome curtains or vice versa to add ‘wow’ to your windows.

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