What to use your garage space for

If you have recently had one of the Oak Garages from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-garages/ installed and are now looking for inspiration as to what to use the space for, take a look at some of the interesting suggestions below.

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Gym and Games Room – Come on now, who didn’t think that this room would be nice to get some retro arcade games, a table football and pool table among the population. This space can be used as a home gym or somewhere that your children or yourself can relax and enjoy some fun games.

A reading area and library. Not that you would let someone borrow them, but in a stately home, this was the thing. Get yourself a very big, comfortable leather-bound chair and side table for your drink and sit back and relax in the fantasy world of your favourite book. More and more people are turning back to reading and with your own library you can sit at home in comfort surrounded by as many books as you like.

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Home Cinema – if you prefer the film to books that why not have a home cinema put in your garage. It is relatively easy to set up with a projector and a screen or a nicely painted blank wall. A comfortable set of seats or large soft sofa and then all you need is a selection of your favourite films, along with some snacks and drinks.

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