When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

The timing and strategy your estate agent applies when helping you to sell your home is an important way they can help ease the stress and worry you will be feeling at this important time.

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But it can be difficult to give one answer to the question of ‘when is the best time to sell a home?’

Spring into Action

The Daily Mail emphasises the perceived wisdom that spring is the best time to put your house on the market, because that is when there are many buyers starting to look for their new home.

There are certainly seasonal peaks in property sales volumes, with activity from both buyers and sellers tending to pick up in March and continue through to the end of May and then increase again after the summer holidays before continuing to November.

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When Demand Is High

Many potential buyers use the internet to browse property listings and aren’t tied to weekends off work to start booking and going to viewings. Using their mobile phones, they keep an eye on the market in spare moments throughout their day, whether they’re at work, on holiday or doing chores.

So even though you might think that no one has got time to start searching for a new home in busy periods of the year such as Christmas and New Year, in fact Bath estate agents such as Pritchards will advise you on opportunities such as selling in January, when it could mean you can take advantage of the fact that most sellers aren’t in the position to put their house on the market in the early New Year. Fewer properties are listed at this time of year, but plenty of buyers are still looking out for the right house for them.

Pritchards are a Bath estate agent that can help you navigate the ups and downs of demand from house buyers when you are considering putting your house on the market and help you find the right next house to move on to.

Since most of us buy a new home in a similar area at the same time as selling our old home, you’ll need to time your sale in time to make the right purchase as well, so find the right estate agent to help you understand the current market.

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