The truth about park home living

If your impression of park home living has been formed by TV shows, it is time to take another look. Far from being poorly-built and dangerous, park homes can offer luxury you never dreamed of. In reality, park home living lets you enjoy stunning locations, luxurious homes and a fabulous quality of life.

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Park homes are not only for retired people

There is no doubt that the park home lifestyle is appealing to retirees; however, the average park has a diverse mix of people aged 50 and over, all of whom want to live life to the fullest.

Downsizing to a park home is extremely appealing for couples suffering from empty nest syndrome and those who are semi-retired and want a better quality of life with fewer outgoings. You will not only have your independence but also a ready-made sense of community with lots of like-minded people.

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Isn’t park home living a step down?

Modern residential park homes are built to the highest standards but benefit from the lowest council tax band, which has to be a win-win. With the lower costs of living, access to fantastic locations and really luxurious accommodation, your park home can deliver amenities you never thought you would be able to afford in a two-storey house, such as en-suite bathrooms and high-spec kitchens.

When it comes to location, you will find yourself within reach of great amenities and attractions; for example, if you are looking for park homes for sale in Gloucestershire, how about being just minutes from a spa, a golf course and the historic city of Gloucester? If you could never afford a property in the Cotswolds, Park homes for sale in Gloucestershire put all the attractions of the English countryside, rich in heritage and history, on your doorstep.

It pays to know the facts. Living in a park home really isn’t any different to living in a bricks and mortar house when it comes to the bills you will pay; in fact, the chances are that you won’t miss your old way of life once you understand all the advantages of park home living. Who wouldn’t want to release equity, enjoy lower utility bills and experience a more luxurious way of life in the peace and tranquillity of their own park home?


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