Tips for choosing your wardrobe inserts

If you’re not sure what wardrobe inserts are, they are the interior pieces that make up the storage setup inside your wardrobe. The way you configure your inserts affects how your storage is arranged and you can choose exactly what suits your needs.

They often consist of units of drawers, a section or several sections of shelving and a space for hangers. They lay the foundation for the setup of your essential wardrobe area. Without this kind of structure, you would simply have a big pile of clothes lying on the floor behind wardrobe doors!

Nobody wants their wardrobe to look like this! You’ll never be able to find anything, it will look unappealing and be a source of endless frustration.

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If you’ve invested in or are considering investing in stylish Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire with sliding doors, you’ll want a stylish and organised interior to match it. Here are some tips for considering your insert configuration:

What items do you have most of?

Take a look at what you possess, what you will want to store inside the wardrobe and how you intend to separate and organise it.

Are you an avid shoe collector? If so, you’ll need more interior space that suits footwear storage. Do you own a lot of coats or a large collection of dresses? In that case, you’ll want to focus on a larger area for hanging items. Think about what you have the most of and configure your wardrobe interior to match your needs.

Another consideration is the size of your wardrobe. Obviously, the dimensions of your available space will have an impact on what kind of inserts you have and how many you can include in your wardrobe.

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Don’t think that cheaper is better. If you have a recently installed and modern, stylish fitted wardrobe, don’t spoil it by skimping on the interior inserts. Look for top quality products that will set off your wardrobe perfectly and continue the look and feel of your luxurious bedroom. You’ll want to choose a well-made, durable product that will last, outlive seasonal trends and stay strong throughout a long life. Look for items with a multiple year guarantee, a Trusted Shops guarantee and excellent customer reviews.

If you’re still unclear about how you could configure the interior storage of your wardrobe, speak to fitted wardrobes professionals who have tons of experience in matching customer’s needs with the perfect storage solutions.


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