What you should really look for when viewing a property

If you’re in the market for a new home then there are many things you need to consider and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Here a few essential things to look for when viewing a property so you don’t make any costly mistakes with your hard-earned cash:

  1. Don’t fall for the tricks of the trade and if there is music playing, turn it off so you can see if it was an attempt to disguise the sound of the crazy neighbours or the train rattling past. If the place smells like coffee and freshly baked bread, that’s lovely and a clever ploy but keep your mind on the job and look at the bricks and mortar instead.
  2. Take in the size of the bedrooms and other rooms. Are the beds small to make the room look bigger? Think about your own furniture and whether it will fit or will you have the added expense of buying new beds and a new sofa?
  3. Inspect the walls, ceilings and windows for any visible signs of issues like damp or staining from possible leaks. If the window frames are wood, do they show any sign of rotting? Condensation is another hint to problems with insulation. If the windows are PVC then check the sealant around the frame.
  4. Check your mobile phone to see if your signal is satisfactory. There is even an app for property hunters to download so they can test their signal and mobile internet.
  5. Turn on the taps as you go around to check how quickly the water heats up and the water pressure. This should give you an indication of the condition of the boiler in the property.
  6. Have a look at the central heating, the radiators and the boiler. How old are they and will they need replacing? You’ll be wanting to install your shiny new designer radiators in your new pad so checking the central heating is crucial. For more information, visit http://apolloradiators.co.uk/

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  1. Walk around the outside of the property and look up at the gutters, drains and downpipes. Are they old, cracked or show signs of recent leakage? Check the roof for missing tiles as well as all these things could prove costly if you haven’t seen them before buying the property.
  2. Are there any signs of recent redecoration? If the smell of paint is in the air and one area has painted but is out of keeping with the rest of the décor then get suspicious. It could be a recent attempt to cover up a damp patch or other problem.
  3. What sort of size is the garden? If you’re green-fingered then a large garden might be right up your street or if there is a vast area of concrete, will this be suitable for your young children to play on? It’s also worth checking for any troublesome weeds. This might sound extreme but Japanese knotweed is so invasive that it cost thousands to remove and stop you from getting a mortgage.

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  1. Ensure you know exactly what is to be included in the sale, such as any appliances that are being left behind. The amount of storage space is another factor that is very important, especially if you’re a growing family.

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