How to Help Your High School Student Transition to College

Transitioning from high school to college is a very difficult and daunting task. Most students have absolutely no idea what lies ahead of them and this is often their first time leaving all of their friends and family behind. If your child is really struggling with getting through it all, there are a lot of different ways that you can help them. Here is how to help your high school graduate transition to college.

Teach your Child how to Cook

One of the things that many college freshmen are worried about is gaining weight during their first year. This is often something that occurs because most college freshmen don’t know how to cook and end up eating far too much fast food and junk food. If you want to help your student avoid this problem, then you can spend the summer cooking meals together so that he or she knows how to cook all of their favorite recipes.

How to Help Your High School Student Transition to College

Purchase New Gadgets

When you’re in college it can be difficult to get by if you don’t have all of the gadgets and tools that you need. Whether you need a tablet computer, a laptop, a scientific calculator or a printer, if your child doesn’t have these items then you will always have to improvise or fight for space at the library. If you simply can’t afford to buy these things for your college student, then you might want to see if there’s any way they can get access to certain gadgets on a temporary basis.

Research Clubs or Organizations at the College

If your college student is particularly shy or doesn’t make friends easily, then you may want to help them by looking up different clubs and organizations that are associated with the college that may be of particular interest. If your student is going to Northeastern University, you can do a simple internet search for Northeastern University clubs and add in any words that pertain to your child’s passions. That way he or she can have a few things to be excited as upon landing on campus.

Help with Packing

It can be hard for a first year college student to know what to bring to school and it can be equally difficult to let go of home while going through a bunch of nostalgic possessions. That’s why it can be important for you to help your student pack and comfort them when they start to get nervous about leaving all of their things behind. You can also help to make sure that they don’t bring any excess items that are unneeded weight.

Plan a Going Away Party

In the end, every high school graduate wants a going away party before moving away for college. Not only is this a really nice way to make sure that your son or daughter gets to say goodbye to all of their closest friends and family members, but it will psychologically set in the mindset that high school is truly over. If this rite of passage is not fully appreciated, then your child could really struggle adjusting to college.

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