An Introduction to Strobing

Globally, the cosmetics industry is huge and can largely be split into five categories: fragrance, make-up, toiletries, hair care and skin care. Millions are spent by cosmetic companies annually on promoting their products while researching and developing new ones.

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In the UK, according to Statista, in 2018 more than fifteen billion euros was spent on personal care and beauty products.

In such a large industry trends come and go, some last longer than others, some never get off the ground at all while others come in and out of fashion many times. Many of today’s trends are made popular on social media channels by bloggers and vloggers, and there are plenty of videos to show you how to achieve the latest look. One such trend is strobing, but what is it and how do you achieve it?

What Is Strobing?

Essentially, strobing is a form of highlighting. But rather than applying heavy stripes of dark colour across your face, this technique focuses on applying more natural, shimmering highlighter products across the areas of your face where the light would normally hit. The finished effect is one which is far more natural and suitable for every day.

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How to Perfect the Look

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and even the best make-up products can only do so much. A good skin care regime will always help to improve your skin’s quality and give you a great base to apply your make-up on. Clarins cosmetics have a range of skincare products suitable for most skin types, and you can buy them from companies such as

To perfect the strobing look, you should always apply the highlighter last and on top of your foundation, powder and blusher. Then simply apply the highlighter to the areas where light would normally hit your face – so cheekbones, centre of your nose and brow bones, for example. To finish, don’t forget to blend in the product: you can use your fingers, a brush or a sponge – whichever you prefer.

When you’re buying a highlighter, always remember to choose one which is suitable for your skin type and colour tone or you won’t achieve the natural effect you’re hoping for. Finally, try to avoid a highlighter with too much sparkle in – there’s nothing natural about glittery cheekbones!


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