The rules behind online adult chat

It is not a secret that different people enjoy different forms of dating, from the more traditional coupling to the naughtier and more casual hook-ups. The reality is that we now have a lot more choice to look around for a partner, thanks to the technologies of the internet. Dating websites have been flourishing to a point where we can now choose precisely what we want as there are so many dating niches emerging. When it comes to adult dating, there are now many ways we can meet someone for a quick bit of fun, and most websites will allow us to chat before deciding to meet-up. It’s just a matter of knowing what to say and what not to say!

Online adult chat: to do’s

Talking online to a new person can feel very exciting, especially if it is to arrange a naughty hook-up. However, you should always keep your cool, at least at first. No matter how excited you might be, you are still talking to a human being and as such you have to respect your casual date just as much as you would with a serious date. Yes you are looking to have fun, but that shouldn’t stop you from being polite and well spoken, there is a difference between dirty talk and being rude to someone.

Assuming you are using a naughty hook-up site, for example using sex chat rooms on; you can start by talking about yourself and what makes you tick, as well as you favourite sexual practices and positions. Just make sure you take the time to chat a bit first, don’t rush things but don’t procrastinate on irrelevant details. Ultimately you are there to talk about sex, just do it in a polite way but keep things exciting, make sure that they understand that you are a good time waiting to happen.

Online adult chat: don’t do

When it comes to talking about sex, it’s a bit of a free flowing conversation where limits and taboos will be discussed. Just because a person opens themselves to you sexually doesn’t make them a ‘slut’ or a lesser being, and the same applies to you. Sex is a two-way activity so if you both want it then you are on the same level. If you think less of a person because they enjoy sex, you probably shouldn’t be there.

Of course, sex-charged conversations can get very emotional very quickly, but you should still try to keep your wits and your cool around with you. Don’t get pressured into giving away personal details such as your family name or your address, especially on the first conversation.

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And finally, you are not the only one speaking so as much as you want to talk about your desires, do not start a monologue which doesn’t leave your partner any room for talking. You should listen to what they want not only to be respectful, but because truthfully what they say will give you some vital information about what to expect from them.

The morale of the story is that when it comes to adult sex chat, just keep your brains together and don’t act like a selfish git. You are much better off being polite and respectful as it not only makes you a better person, but mostly it will really increase your chances of success. Be nice and who knows, good things will come to you!

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