5 more top tips for choosing art for your home

The most important thing about buying art is that you like it. Nothing else matters if you don’t actually get any enjoyment out of it on your wall.

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Buying art doesn’t have to set you back a fortune, but there are things you should consider before making that purchase regardless of your budget.

The importance of colour

You don’t have to match photographs, limited edition prints or paintings to your colour scheme, but if you choose something that contains some of the colours in your room, it will feel more harmonious. Likewise, contrasting colours will also work, and a bright painting will look stunning set against a neutral colour scheme. Artwork generally works better hung on a plain wall rather than a busy wallpaper.

Subject matter

Do you want something relaxing and calming, or something that makes people talk? People want different things out of their artwork, so consider how a painting makes you feel. Scenes of nature like landscapes tend to be quite relaxing and calming, but bold abstract imagery may have the opposite effect. This is fine in some situations, but you may not want that in your bedroom or sitting room.

Traditional or contemporary

You don’t have to go for Victorian paintings just because you live in a period property. The contrast of old and new can be very effective when it comes to all furnishings and artwork. Specialist art retailers such as http://www.river-studio.com have a fantastic range of prints in a huge range of contemporary and traditional styles.

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Hang it

Before you hammer that nail and picture hook into the wall, check that the picture will end up at the right height. Eye level is best, so the centre of the painting will be about 150cm from floor level.

It’s really a two-person job, with one person holding the painting and the other checking that it’s in the right place, both in terms of position and how it sits alongside any other artworks, door frames, windows and other furnishings.

Don’t forget lighting

The best lighting will emphasise your painting or photograph, drawing attention to it. Bad lighting, whether it is too bright or too dark, won’t do your painting any good. You can also buy gallery-specific lighting if you’re planning on installing additional lights.

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