7 more ways to create amazing website content

To create a successful website, you need to focus on your content. Here are seven ways to ensure your content is king.

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Provide Good Copy

Copy that is poorly constructed and contains errors or spelling mistakes can adversely harm your reputation. It’s not just what people think of you that’s at stake. According to Business Bloomer, spelling mistakes cost millions in lost online sales. Check and proofread copy, or use freelance writers.

Update Your Site

Keep your copy current and fresh, and remove any outdated information. You’re sure to lose credibility and visitor traffic if your site is full of stale, irrelevant material.

Easy Contact

A primary goal will be for visitors to get in touch with you, so don’t ruin your chances of this happening by making it hard for them to contact you. Make your contact details easy to find, and use them across multiple pages on your site. Give audiences more than one option for getting in touch, and be certain your details are correct and current!

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Avoid Complicated Forms

If you provide contact or quote forms, keep them easy for people to fill in. Onerous forms requesting lots of irrelevant information are off-putting and visitors will click off. To create simple but effective forms on your site, seek assistance from experts who offer web design in Belfast or elsewhere, such as http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html.

Let Your Content Nurture Trust

You’ll need to build trust in order for audiences to buy into your brand, so use your content to foster trust and respect. Tell your business story or history so audiences get a sense of who you are, and include photos. A list of your achievements or credentials is also worthwhile, and third-party endorsements such as case studies or testimonials are effective at promoting your credibility.

Clear Call to Action

Make it clear what your call to action is, and include this on nearly every page. Make the path to these goals as obvious as possible for visitors. Stick to a simple, clean and organised layout so that content is reader-friendly and audiences can easily find what they’re looking for.

Add Pictures

Bring the written word alive with the use of pictures or other visual content. If you add photos, create authenticity by using real, quality images, rather than replicated from stock libraries.

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