Six considerations when choosing flooring

There are several factors to consider when selecting new flooring for your home, and we discuss six of the most important below.

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You should consider how much light a room gets. If the room is quite dark, a dark flooring choice could make it seem gloomy. With a light-filled room, darker, bolder flooring choices can work well and add a cosy feel.


Consider the current colours used in the room and what kind of flooring would best complement them, or whether you would prefer a bold contrast for a more dramatic look to the room.

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The right flooring can make a small room seem more spacious and can make a large room feel warmer and more welcoming.


Consider the main function of the room. For example, wood is not always the best flooring choice for bathrooms, due to the humidity. The Guardian provides inspiration on bathroom designs and contemporary flooring.


The durability of the flooring is important: you need to think about how much traffic the floor will have, and whether drinks or food could be spilt or whether pets will be running about. Why not contact experts in the field such as to discuss the best options, including hard-wearing laminate flooring, for your home?

Overall ‘look’

Whether you prefer a natural flooring surface or would rather have laminate, which has multiple different looks, you should research all types of flooring before reaching a decision.

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