Engagement celebrations to enjoy whilst on holiday

Getting engaged is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s relationship. However, once you are engaged, it can be easy to get caught up in the wedding planning frenzy and forget that the engagement itself is also something to celebrate. Here is a look at some ways in which you can mark that special moment in your life before planning the wedding takes over.

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The BBC published an article about how much money people spend on an engagement ring. The tradition of spending a month’s salary originated in an ad campaign for De Beers. Regardless of its price, the engagement ring will have been a significant investment and should be celebrated in some way.


You could celebrate by getting away for the weekend to a favourite destination then get a Coach Hire Dorset company to take you to your favourite sites with all your family in one place. All you need to do is visit links like https://turnerscoaches.co.uk to get an idea on what is provided.

Traditional celebrations

A lot of people like to have a traditional engagement party where they can let their hair down before the planning really starts for the big day itself. Opting for a hall or non catered venue could give you the chance to try out a caterer that you might be interesting in using for the wedding itself. Another option would be for a group of you to go away to celebrate. The main downside of either of these options is the expense, but there are some other ways of celebrating that don’t need to cost a fortune.

Other ways to celebrate

There are other ways to celebrate that won’t break the bank. These could include a smaller party or dinner at a restaurant that might only include close friends and family. Alternatively, you might want to keep it very low key and have a day out or a short break for just the two of you. If this is what you decide to do, it is becoming quite popular now for couples to opt for engagement destination photography where they can invite their chosen wedding photographer to come along and take some photos. These will be less formal than wedding pictures and will have a more casual feel, but it will provide some lasting memories.

If you just got engaged or are thinking of doing so, you can opt for a traditional party or you can decide to do something smaller or a bit different. Whatever you choose don’t forget that it will be the start of something memorable.

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