How rooflights can save you energy and money

Rooflights are often installed in small spaces where light is needed, for instance, in a stairwell, or in dark rooms in extensions, where more light is needed. They are particularly popular in loft extensions, or in rooms with vaulted ceilings.

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Attractive and practical, they help bring natural light into areas previously left in the dark, and will enhance any home, being available in a range of styles and sizes. But rooflights have other, less obvious, benefits, too. They can actually bring down your energy bills.

Let there be light

More natural light in a home means less need for artificial light. In a room with rooflights, you will need to put the lights on less often, thereby reducing your electricity bill, particularly in the darker months of autumn and winter.

According to the latest estimates, rooflights can provide around three times the amount of natural light than ‘normal,’ vertical windows do. This is due to the angle they present to the sun, since most vertical windows only get a certain number of sunlight hours every day.

According to Real Homes magazine, a rooflight brings in up to 40% more light than its common alternative, the dormer, and is also less expensive to install.

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Less need to heat

As they allow more light, and therefore more of the sun’s rays, into your home, rooflights can actually help save you money on those increasingly expensive heating bills.

Allowing the sun to heat your home for longer means there’s less need to turn the heating on or up when the sun goes down.

Modern rooflights are highly insulated, too, and you can even get them triple-glazed, so there’s no need to worry about all that lovely warmth escaping back through them, either.

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Other benefits

Rooflights don’t just save you energy and money. They also have other benefits. Having more natural light in your home has been proven to help keep householders healthier and less stressed, as well as promoting better sleep. Also, modern rooflights can easily be opened to allow in some of that lovely fresh air we all need so desperately.

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