Seven Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re thinking of selling your property, it’s important that you present it as neutrally as possible while still showcasing all the features that make it a much-loved home. That often means casting a cold and critical eye around every room and undoing some of these common interior design mistakes.

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Comfy Cushion Overload

Cushions can be a clever way of adding some personality to your soft furnishings, and several carefully chosen examples can add colour and texture to a neutral scheme. But don’t go overboard, as your bed and sofa will simply look cluttered.

Uncontrolled Clutter

One person’s eclectic taste can leave your potential buyers believing you have no storage. Decluttering is the number one strategy when selling your home, although some carefully curated objects can add a lovely personal touch. Again, less is more.

Oversized Furniture

Do you have a huge bed you have to squeeze around or a sofa that dominates the living room? Keeping everything in proportion shows your rooms off to their best advantage.

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Don’t Be Too Bold

Strong colour schemes are like Marmite: people love them or hate them. Make them work for your buyers by accessorising with plenty of bright white and neutrals. If you’re selling with Gloucester estate agents such as, they’ll be able to advise you about the best way to present your home.

Too Many Patterns

There’s a definite art to mixing and matching patterns, and done properly you can create some fabulous effects. But limit your choices to a maximum three patterns, and make sure they really work together. Otherwise, replace patterned rugs or throws with a plain equivalent to tone things down.

‘Interesting’ Artwork

This applies not only to artwork but to any stencils, murals and borders you may have used to decorate your rooms. While blank walls can look cold and uninviting, mismatching pictures can make them look far too busy. Buy a few interior magazines or browse a site like Pinterest for good ideas on dressing your walls.

Poor Lighting
There’s nothing worse than lighting that’s dingy or drab. Start by taking down all your pendant lights and giving them a thorough clean, and think about remodelling old-fashioned lights with a respray or change of shade. Make sure all bulbs are replaced with energy-saving alternatives – then bask in the beautiful glow!

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