Psychological effects for children who play sports

Sport offers children so much, it’s great for keeping their fitness up and will increase their social circle. Sport also has positive psychological effects on children and will play a huge part in overcoming issues and worries in childhood and adulthood. Here, we will look at the positive mental effects sport has on children.

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As the old saying goes ‘there is no I in team’ and that is true of almost all sports. Even if a child chooses to participate in tennis, golf or boxing there will be a team of coaches behind them in these individual sports. Games like football and rugby require children to learn how to function effectively as part of a team to achieve their goals. From an early age, they will learn to develop leadership skills, learn the value of teamwork and how to fit into a group dynamic. This will set them in good stead for adult life and provide them with the skills to work effectively with peers when they take up a profession –


Nothing provides children with more of a confidence boost than seeing their hard work paying dividends on the sporting field. By spending time on the training field, and seeing that dedication brings results come game day, will be a massive boost to their self-esteem. It will show them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.


Respect is a vital part of any sport. Sport requires players to respect their opponent, their coaches and umpires or referees. Learning to respect others is a very import lesson for children which will, once again, set them up for success in adult life. Also, coaches of youth sides will nearly always be adults, and allowing children to foster relationships and bonds with other adults will improve their confidence. If you feel this may be of benefit to your child why don’t you consider setting up a youth football team? Companies such as, provide a range of team football kits to get you on your way.

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Disappointment is a fact of life and it’s an emotion that will be healthy for a child to experience. Sport is filled with ups and downs and learning to celebrate wins, and accept defeat gracefully, will aid them in overcoming any highs or lows later in life.

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