Perfect Packing for your Children: Three Tips for Problem Free Vacations

Family vacations are fun, but can be stressful at times for parents. The best way to ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch is by preparing and planning everything to the last detail, before leaving home. Have your itinerary down to the day so you don’t waste any time and definitely don’t forget anything! To help you get ready for your family vacation, here are three pointers we want to share to help make packing for the entire family easier.

Start with the Kiddos

Don’t rely on the kids to pack for themselves. If you have older children, let them pack their own clothes but give them a general list of everything they will need. Before they put their stuff into bags or suitcases, give it a quick look over to double check they haven’t forgotten anything serious. For young kids, consider buying some one piece suits or compete outfits from Carters. This way you don’t have to mess around with matching and know exactly what you have. Regardless of the age, it’s a good idea to pack extra socks and underwear, just in case; you can wear a shirt or shorts more than once but clean underwear is a necessity.

Perfect Packing for your Children

Pack Yourself

Once you have the kids bags squared away, you’ll need to pack for yourself and possibly partner. Try to plan your outfits by the day as well. Know how many days/nights your trip is and pack accordingly. It’s also your responsibility to pack things like sunscreen, medications, prescriptions, etc. Have a list of everything and check it off as you lay it out. After everything is laid out and you know for certain you have everything, you can finally put it into suitcases.

Remember Your Smalls

Packing requires a lot of planning. It’s really easy to forget small items like toiletries or electronics chargers. Usually, you can buy these small items last minute while on vacation but it’s best to be prepared. It’s not a bad idea to have a small bag dedicated to these items for the entire family. Include extra batteries, lotions, bandages, extra cell phone chargers, and hygiene products in there… you’ll probably need them eventually.

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