Natural or Synthetic Products for Your Flooring?

When it comes to flooring, opinions are often divided. Longevity is key, and the choice of flooring needs to fit in with the lifestyle of the household. Whether you pick synthetic or natural materials for the floors in your home will depend on several factors, including family set-up, your aesthetic tastes and, of course, your budget.

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If you like the feel of carpet underfoot, you will need to decide whether you would prefer nylon or wool. If you have kids and pets you will need to pick out a carpet that is durable. If you are a pet owner, you’ll need to avoid loop piles, as these tend to get caught in claws and paws. Instead, choose a carpet finished with cut piles. Carpets made from nylon are very popular, largely because they are durable, fade resistant, and resilient. Conversely, wool carpets tend to be more expensive and more prone to damage, but they score highly when it comes to simple good looks. You can always find out more about the best floor coverings for your property online.

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When it comes to hard flooring, there are lots of options. Many owners of period homes opt to sand and varnish their original floor boards, and with a few rugs scattered around, the effect can be very pleasing indeed. Some people may be put off by the state of their floorboards, but small imperfections in the wood can really add to the character of a room.

If your floorboards aren’t up to restoring or if your property has concrete floors, you will need to look at other option. Though solid wood flooring such as that sold at a wood floor warehouse will cost you more than a laminate, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ really does ring true in this case, as a good quality, solid wood floor looks absolutely beautiful and can even push up the value of your home. That being said, for rooms such as the kitchen a laminate can be a better choice, as it is less likely to warp if it comes into contact with water.

In either case, always bear in mind that decent flooring is an investment, and a high quality, professionally laid floor can last a lifetime, so buy the best that you can afford.

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