If David Attenborough ever went into your carpet.

It would certainly be an interesting episode of life on earth if David Attenborough ever got the power or technology to shrink down to miniature size and then go for a tour of an average British homes carpet. In fact, it would be one of the most complicated and busy shows that he has ever down for, and you may not want to think about it, but your carpet is actually teeming life albeit rather unpleasant. There are some very interesting mini beasts lurking in there so let’s go and have look. If you’d rather not know and want to get rid of them then a quick visit to Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company website at http://gnccontractservices.com/ will soon rid of them. Why not have a quite look though just to satisfy your curiosity.

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The first thing that you must remember is that you are the best source of food that these little mites really enjoy. All that dead skin falling of (not that you’d notice) acts as a four-course meal to these little chaps and chappesses. Not only that think of all the other bits of food that you drop on the floor like crisps and the like. Mites are so keen on living us but don’t be too concerned. They don’t have any unpleasant diseases the real problem is their poo. It can set of allergies such as asthma and the like. They are incredibly resilient creatures as well. Do not think that a jolly good hoovering is enough to get rid of them either. Dust mites just move to the edges and sides of the carpet where you usual hoover unit cannot reach them. Once you’ve finished, they just start all over again.

Dust mites are only the half of the problem there is also the carpet beetle. It is most prominent in the month of March when it an uncontrollable urge to eat the carpet overtakes them and they start to chow down. It has a crazy taste for woollens both clothes and fabrics so it’s not just the carpet that they take a fancy to. The one thing that they really don’t like is synthetic fibers. There a very green and organic loving creature so it seems. They won’t do you any personal harm though.

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The real bad eggs in the carpet are those nasty like fleas. They can be itchy and are especially annoying to our furry friends. Yet again they like all the bits of us that drop off like skin and hair, but they are also happy to have some food crumbs too.

The only way to keep these little terrors at least subdued is to get that carpet regularly cleaned including the corners. I imagine you reaching for your phone right about now.

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