Turkey as a destination for tourism

As with many countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey has become very reliant on its tourist trade to keep its economy afloat. It has many unique selling points in its favour as it acts as a very interesting cultural buffer between the continent of Europe and the middle and near East. The golden beaches and curious landscapes within its borders show it to be a wonderous place for a holiday. As it is the only devout Muslim country in Europe it really does set itself apart from the others. A visit to Turkey is made a lot more comfortable and enjoyable if you have a solid base to explore it from and having a look at some Luxury Villas in Turkey especially those that can be view at https://kas4villarentals.com/ for example, can get that holiday started just right and then set the tone for the whole thing to be a success.

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What can you expect to see in Turkey? What treasures lie there? This is just a short guide and mere introduction. The first thing to tell you about is the aforementioned golden beaches. There are four hundred and thirty six of them and they all have a blue flag rating so you can bathe safe in the knowledge that you in a very clean environment. All of the southern beaches encompass an area affectionately known as the Turkish Riveria such is its similarity to the French in terms of life and climate. Staying with the natural world a trip to the region of Cappadocia is very worthwhile. It is formed from ancient volcanic activity and over the eons of time the elements of strong wind and driving rain has eroded the rock into towers that fairies are said to reside. A balloon festival is held there, and this is thought to be the best way to view this stunning landscape especially at dusk on a warm summers evening.

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It is not just the landscape that draws one to Turkey. It has one of the richest cultural histories in the world. The country was the sight of the Eastern Roman Empire and its capital of Constantinople (named after the Emperor Constantine) was a capital for trade and learning for centuries. They were overthrown by the Turks who renamed the city Istanbul and secured the country around it. In the city the biggest evidence of the of the change is the magnificent Hagia Sofia. It was originally a cathedral but now it has also become a Mosque. However, both faiths are practiced and respected there.

It is a truly remarkable country that to immerse oneself in, if only for a little while is good for the soul and well being.

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