How to make a macrame flower jar

If you love macrame, you have probably already tried your hands at a wall hanging or table cover, but have you ever thought about making a macrame flower jar to present beautiful home-grown or shop-bought flowers? As with all wonderful things to do with retro crafts, this project doesn’t require much more than time, patience, and basic macrame skills. Read on to learn more.

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How to upgrade glass jars

Glass jars make great vases for posies, but they look even better if you do a little macrame upgrade to take it to the next level! You can buy your own yarn or choose a macrame kit so that it is all provided for you.

Why macrame for jars?

Macrame is a great craft to choose for DIY as it gives a retro vibe, is inexpensive, and the basis can be learned quickly. You can easily find jars around the house to make different styles of vases. The key to success is to cut your yarn precisely and create the knots with care.

Start by tying a loop, which is the anchor cord, around the jar’s mouth. You can leave a length of string to make sure you don’t run out of working twine. Do your initial set of cords, or working strings, which hang from the main cord. These are the strings you knot, which need to be double the length of the jar. Cut them to an even length around the circumference of the jar, making sure there are enough to almost cover the jar’s surface.

From here, tie the working cords one by one to the anchor cord. Take a string from its centre so that each side will be the same length, make a loop, and string the loop underneath the anchor string. Push the working cord’s ends through the loop and pull them through. When they are set, you can braid or knot the working cords in any pattern you choose.

You are now ready to make macrame flower jars to brighten up your home.

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