The pathology of the syndrome of dry eyes

Dry Eyes

We did not know until recently that this pathology is the syndrome of “dry eye”, but this disease is very common. It is characterized by deficiency of lacrimal fluid.

The surface of the eye covered by a thin tear film. This film helps century move, prevents drying, nourishes and protects the cornea of the eye from the effects of outside infections. Also with the help of the tear film eyes cleared of dust and allergens.

In the development of tears, participate lacrimal gland – basic and extra. When a person cries, tears gives basic iron. In the normal state of rest set to work extra tear glands.

Pathology “dry eye” syndrome occurs when insufficient tear fluid or by rapid evaporation of the tear film. Why is this happening and why this disease has become prevalent today? Try to understand!

Dry Eyes
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The main causes of the syndrome

“Dry eye” syndrome can be a manifestation of a disease. For example, Sjogren’s disease affects the glands of the body, including the tear. In this disease, the tear becomes thick and viscous, as a part of tears decreases the amount of antibacterial substances, and the patient has chronic inflammation, conjunctivitis, keratitis, and blepharitis.

When hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, and during menopause may develop the syndrome of “dry eye.”

If the body there is a deficiency of vitamin A, the cornea can mutate over time. At first, it will be felt the dryness in the eye, and then may develop corneal ulcers.

Antidepressants, birth control pills, as a side effect may also cause dry eyes.

When dry contact lens is required, moisture is drawn from the lacrimal fluid and as a result – dry eye.

Cause the development of “dry eye” syndrome is frequent and prolonged exposure to smoke-filled rooms, and rooms with air conditioning over dried air.

If you spend a long time at the computer or watching television, and there is insufficient wetting of the cornea and after some time the symptoms will be felt.

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The main features of the syndrome

First, in the early stages of the syndrome is manifested feeling cramps in the eye and dryness, it seems that in the eyes something horrible. Very often, it happens in windy weather, after a long visual load and after removal of the contact lens.

Secondly, with an average degree of symptoms are worse and more frequent. Burning eyes, itching, presence of photophobia, replaced dryness starts to disturb frequent tearing.

Third, the degree of heavy evident modifications of the cornea and conjunctiva. May develop corneal ulcers. Due to the fact that the eye does not receive a sufficient amount of moisture reduces the immune system and gives access infections.

Pathology diagnostics

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of “dry eye”, you first need to seek the advice of an ophthalmologist. He will carry out further diagnosis.

For proper diagnosis, eye examine with the help of a slit lamp using a special dye to view the changes in the conjunctiva and cornea.

If necessary to further studies, including tests, which measure the stability of the tear film, the amount of tear fluid produced and conducted research its osmolarity.

By the time of diagnosis should be approached very seriously, as this is possible to detect the disease progresses due to the additional factors.

How to treat “dry eye”

Treatment aimed at to provide a normal eye hydration, stabilize the tear film, and correct abnormalities. For this purpose, special moisturizing drops – artificial substitute’s tears. The room must be stable maintaining a cool temperature at constant moisture air.

In the event that an infection is detected, appropriate use of antibiotics in the form of drops and ointments.

Surgery is used in very severe cases, when the therapeutic treatment is not effective. In surgical treatment (occlusion) carried blockage tampons of different materials, lacrimal ducts.

In addition, prescribe vitamins and wound healing agents, as well as preparations for the normalization of the immune system.

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