Gameshows that have stood the test of time

The gameshow is one of the mainstays of TV. When the first creators of the TV channel and shows were looking for ways to fill up the schedule they hit upon the idea of constructing a quiz and prizes based format. This would provide a degree of interactive fun for the viewers as they could shout out the answers and home and laugh at the contestants when they got them wrong. There are some that have actually proven to be totally winner. They managed to stay with us for years and years. What are the best game shows?

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Whatever era of Television you consider to be the best a good reception for you TV is always vital. It’s why you should always have a TV aerial repair Cheltenham outfit like in your favourites or on your phone to contact if you have a problem. For the most part the game shows that have a comedy element have remained the most popular.

  1. The Generation Game. With a series of enthusiastic hosts and attractive co hosts this stalwart has been given another makeover but stays relatively the same. First it was Bruce Forsyth and Anita Redfern (whom he married) then it was Larry Grayson and Isla St Clair. Forsyth returned and then for some reason the BBC decided that Jim Davidson should do it alongside the long-suffering Melanie Stace. Finally Mel and Sue have had a go. The idea is that a related couple would take part in silly games like making a pot on a wheel or putting a mannequin together. The winners then got to play a memory game as prizes rolled by. The ones they remembered they got to keep.
  2. Blankety Blank. Again, making a comeback this late 70’s and Early eighties game show saw members of the public try and match up gags with comedians. There have been three brilliant presenters, Terry Wogan, Les Dawson, Lily Savage and now Bradley Walsh. Famed for its terrible prizes and it’s stunning cheque book and pen.

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  1. Play Your cards right. It seems that Bruce Forsyth could do no wrong with gameshows. Again, a very simple concept, say whether the next card will be higher or lower was stretched out to an entertaining half an hour. The best part was Bruce’s mock horror when the cards didn’t play out for the contestants. “These cards tonight!” he would shout, every week.
  2. 321. Combining a variety show, a straight Q and A session followed be some impossible lateral thinking “clues” this was Friday night heaven from 8 to 9. It was the perfect start to the weekend. Although it’s never been remade it might well be ready for revamp and it’s certainly influenced those that have come after it.
  3. The Weakest Link. Back again but with Romesh Ranganathan in charge rather than the overly acerbic Anne Robinson, the format follows the same pattern as before. Questions are asked and money is banked. The longer the chain the higher the amount. Then your vote off someone. Weirdly it’s usually the person whose answered the most questions!

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