How to add branding to your parcels

If you sell products and ship these out to your customers using a Same Day Courier Slough such as UK TDL or by popping them in the post you will probably have wanted to find out whether there are ways you can add your branding to the parcels. There are a number of different ways that this can be achieved and  here are a few of them for you to consider:

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Boxes – buying boxes in bulk is commonplace for many companies and it also is often more cost-effective. There are companies that sell boxes for packing that will have your branding placed on the boxes directly. This will increase the price of your boxes, but it will provide you with some advertising as the package moves through the postal system.

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Tissue Paper – if you would prefer to keep your boxes plain and be able to buy them in bulk, another way to add some branding to your parcels is to add some tissue paper to your packages that have your logo printed on it. This tissue paper can be used to wrap your products and to provide them with some more protection during delivery.

Stickers – why not get yourself some eco-friendly stickers that you can stick on the closing part of your boxes or on the tissue paper that you wrap your products in. YOu can find these in lots of designs and you could even have a nice thank you message created for your customers in particular.

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