Keeping your Drains Healthy in the Winter

One of the parts of our homes that we give little thought to until something goes wrong with them are the drainpipes. These are the pipes that take the wastewater away from our homes, and deposit it into the sewer network, where it then can safely make its way to the water treatment plant.

During the winter, it is common in the UK to have stormy weather, and this can often bring with it periods of prolonged heavy rain and flooding. This is a time when you are most likely to run into problems with your drainpipes.

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The huge amount of additional water going into your pipes can be too much for them to take – particularly if the pipes are old or damaged. This is why, at this time of the year in particular, if you suspect that your drainpipes may have a problem, if they are very old or simply if you haven’t had anyone look at them properly for many years, this is a good time to get it sorted and have your pipes checked by a professional like Wilkinson Environmental.

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There are many ways that drainpipes can be repaired – things like drain lining are a popular choice for improving your drainage. In the case of very old pipes, it may be better to get them replaced, as the more modern materials that pipes are made from tend to be more robust.

There are also practical things that you can do yourself to ensure that your drains are in good order – not putting anything down the drain that you shouldn’t is important, as well as clearing leaves, moss and other debris from gutters so that the water can drain easily.

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