How to Create the Perfect Garage Workshop

Your garage can be a versatile source of extra space. Sure you could just park the car there, or use it as storage for boxes and camping equipment, but with some ingenuity, the garage can be both a useful storage area for the car and other items, while also doubling up as a flexible workshop for crafts and repairs.

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Many Benefits

There could be a lot of untapped value in your garage. According to this report in The Telegraph, a garage can now have as many designer features as a kitchen.
Garages also have great ventilation, which is handy for a workshop if you need to work on a project that creates a lot of dust or uses strong glue or solvents. It is also easy to get materials in and out, and trusses in the ceiling can be used for more storage or for hanging things.

Useful Accessories

To kit out your workshop you will need some equipment, such as a cloakroom bench, where you can store grimy overalls, boots and gloves. A workbench is an important element, as a solid, dependable surface is a must. Look for a workbench that has a rear support for accessories, a bright overhead light, and drawers for storing tools and the nuts and bolts collection.

Making the Most of Wall Space

Garage shelving will be a critical component in getting the most out of your garage. With the right shelves, storage options not only increase significantly, but you can take advantage of areas near the ceiling that would otherwise be wasted. Organising things vertically means there is more floor space and the garage will generally be less cluttered. In addition, putting things on shelves means they are easier to group in a logical fashion and can be easily labelled and located.

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When thinking about getting some garage shelving, it would be a good idea to consult experts in the field such as who can give you tips and advice.

Being organised is a key component of a successful workshop. You want to know where things are, and be able to access them with ease. Using the space intelligently means installing the right infrastructure, which will pay off with a garage workshop that is not only useful, but adds value to your home.

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