Shopping for a Birthday Gift? Try Custom Bobbleheads

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for someone hard to buy for, we’ve found it for you: custom bobblehead dolls are the solution for that person for whom you just never know what to buy. What better way to celebrate someone you love than by immortalizing them in a tiny, plastic doll with a goofy, oversized head? If you’re still on the fence, here are the types of people that would love them.

The “Don’t Buy Me Anything” Friend

If you like giving gifts as a way to show your affection for your friends, the person who either has it all or always says they don’t want anything is the perfect person to receive a custom bobblehead. This is a personal, unique gift that not many people have. It’s also something that conveys some time and effort, so if you’re not accommodating a wish for no gifts, at least you’re not just throwing a bag of crap at the person. That said, if the person doesn’t want any gifts because they live in a very small place and hate trinkets, just do as they say.

The Funny Friend

If your friend has an awesome sense of humor, go for bobbleheads. Like we said, these aren’t that common, yet, so you can be fairly certain your buddy doesn’t have one. If you want to go the extra mile, you could model the doll after your friend on a day you shared a funny experience. That said, since the dolls are essentially 3-dimensional caricatures, make very certain your friend actually does have a sense of humor so they feel laughed with, not laughed at.

The Nerd

When it comes to birthdays, buying the perfect gift can be a hassle — especially if your friend has particular tastes. If you don’t share an obsession with “Game of Thrones” and “Harry Potter,” and you know your friend would really like something that evoked their passions to show up at their birthday celebration, we’re here to help. Custom bobbleheads are huge in geek culture, and your friend will be touched and surprised if any of their less-nerdy friends pull this out of a hat. But in this case, you do run the risk of your friend already having one, so check before you buy.

The Friend with Kids

If you’re attending the birthday of someone with a few kids, custom bobbleheads for everyone in the brood could be a wonderful and thoughtful gift. These dolls are essentially toys, and while certain adults will appreciate them, most kids will love them. If your friend is very family oriented, getting them a gift that is something their household will enjoy is something that they’ll really appreciate. Most parents are down for anything that makes their kids feel included, especially if many of their friends don’t already have kids. It can be lonely being the only parents in a group, so any effort to include their children in your friend-tivities will absolutely be welcome and appreciated.



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