Know your acid wash from your boot cut

With so many jeans to choose from, how do we know what pairs will work best in our wardrobe? The best jeans we can invest in are the basic ones that are so versatile they will go with all of your outfits. Basic jeans will go with anything – tee shirts, blouses, fashion tops, dress shirts and sweaters. The best option is a dark wash or black style, the more neutral the better for pairing up with anything. Jeans essentials include two pairs of dark jeans, a medium wash pair to lie around in and fun denim shorts for playtime and holidays.

Jeans styles include classy, sporty, romantic and dramatic and these styles are great for casual office dress codes and to highlight with tops, jewellery and jackets. You can be bohemian, urban, trendy and eccentric too and with some jeans you can stretch the style envelope and really have fun with fashion, such as ripped, skinny or brightly coloured. Are you now asking yourself where can I find designer jeans?

Denim terminology can be quite complicated too and if you want to know what essentials to have in your wardrobe then you’d be better off learning the lingo and knowing which style of Womens designer jeans suits your shape best:

Remember that you need to de-emphasize the parts of your body that you’re least happy with.

Dark Wash – this is a deep indigo colour and easy to combine with all colours and clothes. They are slimming and make legs look longer.

Black Jeans – these also slim your legs and can look good on curvy ladies.

Light Blue Jeans – these have a sun-bleached or light-dye look and look fab with tee shirts and romantic blouses. They are fresh, young and make a nice refreshing change from black and grey.

Grey Wash – these look super trendy with white or black tops and sweaters. These offer a chic, grungy style.

Acid Wash – a real 1980’s appearance that complement grunge and rocker fashions. Acid is used to strip off the top layer of the denim dye to expose the white fabric underneath.

Stone Wash – have a soft feel with a light, more broken in feel as well. If you’re not sure about the blotchiness of acid wash which can be a bit unflattering for some styles but want an interesting look then these could be the ones for you.

Cuffed Jeans – these are folded at the leg opening in a cuff but avoid if you have thick ankles and if you’re petite they can drag you down.

Capri – the hemline sits just below the knee. For petite ladies, make sure the hemline doesn’t fall too low or they can make legs look stubby.

Flared Jeans – feature a flare from the knee to the ankle. For a great 70’s look, pair them with a turtleneck jumper.

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Bootcut – these sit loose on the leg and wide at the leg opening, designed to cover a boot. It’s a fantastic streamlining look on every shape and size, making you look long and lean.

Straight – the legs remain straight and narrow. The straight leg balances out the hips and they’re a very popular option for those with curves who aren’t sure about skinny jeans.

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