How to Find the Right Care for Your Aging Senior Family Member

Seniors and their family members are often faced with complex care decisions. Even for someone used to living alone, daily tasks can become challenging. The expenses of care are often the predominant concern. An elderly loved one, however, may have unique medical needs that must be addressed on a daily basis. Round-the-clock care is a difficult choice, but the right care can make an aging senior’s later years fuller and more comfortable; as to how to find the right care, that depends on many things.

Safety at Home

Caring for aging parents often comes with the question as to whether they’re safe at home. Cooking, taking medications, and getting around are some concerns to address. You could hire a geriatric care manager who can visit and provide an assessment of how a parent functions in their home. Perhaps modifications such as installing stair lifts or discarding throw rugs will make life easier.

How Much Care Is Needed

In some cases, an older person may just need a little assistance to get by. They might just need help with cooking or organizing medications for the week. Others may need assistance full time, especially those with dementia and other severe chronic conditions. Many elder care agencies can send someone over to see exactly how much care a loved one needs.

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Assisted Living

Health issues and impairments can make it difficult for a senior family member to remain in their home. It can be very stressful, especially if one isn’t equipped to manage the person’s condition. If the person lives alone, they may feel isolated and depressed. An assisted living residence features small apartments where elders can bring their own belongings and have privacy. These facilities often supply residents with prescription drugs, social activities, and meals in a common dining area.

Finding the right care is about what is in the person’s best interests. An assisted living center essentially provides studio apartments, where a senior can live relatively independently. At the same time, they do not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or remembering medications.


The kind of care available to a loved one often comes down to what their insurance covers. Long-term care requires financial planning. A professional planner can be helpful if there are plentiful financial assets. Oftentimes selling the individual’s apartment provides funds that go towards finding the best care. Elder care lawyers can also help find the right type of care, and whether they’re eligible for Medicaid and other government programs.

Medicaid, for example, covers nursing home care. If a loved one requires that level of care, the costs may be insured. Assisted living comes with a different set of financial requirements. Finding the best care often comes down to comparing the cost of keeping the person at home, making upgrades, paying for caregiving, and what long-term care insurance is available. If your senior family member is ready for the next step, find out what Baton Rouge Senior Home Care can offer, so they can live out their later years safe and happy.

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