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If you need a felt tip pen that’s reliable and is affordable, look no further than online stationery companies. Felt tips are available to buy in bulk in a huge array of colours, for instance black, red, green, blue and yellow to name a few. Choose from different styles of felt tips like:-

  • Fibre tips
  • Medium nibs
  • Twin colours
  • Twin nib fineliners
  • Permanent markers
  • Fluorescent colours

Stylish felt tip pens aren’t just for school children, college or university students, writers and artists can use them too. Create your own style of writing by using a felt tip pen to write letters to friends or let your kids use them to colour in pictures, great fun.

Perfect Packing for your Children

Improve your writing

Many people feel a felt tip pen can improve their writing. The ink is dispensed in one swipe which hugs the paper and offers more control on your writing. Choosing a dynamic colour like purple will make your work or letter writing stand out more than ever before.

A felt tip pen with a thin plastic nib is firm to write with while a pen with a fibre tip is usually cone shaped and may lose its firmness over time. The latter are versatile, you can use the top of the tip for fine writing or use it on its side to colour or shade. Tip sizes come in fine, medium and broad, so choose the one that suits you best. Many pens are:-

  1. Water or pigment based
  2. Alcohol and oil based which can be used on plastic, metal, glass or glossy paper
  3. Acid free which means any writing or work you carry out will last for a long time

A felt tip pen can cover a great area of paper and dispense more ink than say a fountain pen for example. While some felt tips “bleed” through paper, permanent and oil based pens do not. People who have large handwriting will find medium tip pens the best especially if they have a slightly unsteady hand.

Keep it colourful!

New ink colours are being introduced to the market so make a statement by choosing a felt tip pen that does just that. Order from exciting new colours like:

  • Pink
  • Marigold
  • Turquoise
  • Plum
  • Navy
  • Lime

Online companies offer free shipping on orders over one hundred pounds, so any educational institutes should stock up ready for the new term ahead. Many workers hold important meetings, conferences and seminars. A felt tip pen in a bright colour on a whiteboard will get your message across to delegates.

Get in touch with stationery companies

If you need to know more about the different types of felt tips, prices, colours and styles, get in touch with reputable stationery companies. Advisers are more than happy to help customers whenever they can. Ask about registering as a new customer, how long orders take to arrive and other stationery products.

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