Microsuction, Irrigation and Manual Extraction, this is what the locals of Ledbury are learning all about

The locals living in the traditional Market Town of Ledbury in Herefordshire are learning all about Microsuction, Irrigation and Manual Extraction when it comes to properly looking after their hearing.  They have been researching the practice of safe, professional Ear wax removal Ledbury by a team of highly trained, fully qualified technicians.  Ledbury is located west of the Malvern Hills and is surrounded by orchards, woods and trees, the historical streets that are full of traditional timber-framed black and white structures, and independent retailers, ooze culture.  The local inhabitants of the town are trying to move forward and embrace new and safer ways of looking after their health, especially when it comes to their hearing.

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Researching the skilled Ear Wax specialists who have over thirty Clinics across the Country, the locals of Ledbury are learning that there are three tried and trusted methods of safe removal when it comes to ear wax.  Microsuction is probably the safest and cleanest method as it doesn’t involve using water to remove any blockage. A very fine tube connected to a specifically designed suction machine is inserted into the ear canal and the pre-softened wax is carefully extracted using suction power.

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The Irrigation method involves the use of a uniquely designed ear irrigator that uses warm water to flush out the offending ear wax.  The Manual Extraction method is performed with a long, thin instrument that is carefully inserted into the ear to gently dislodge the wax.

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