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The term cervical in medical language is actually “neck pain” are referred to a pain in the neck, but sometimes it may radiate to the head, back or limbs.

And ‘one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders, it is estimated that every day 7 in 10 people audition, albeit with different intensities, neck pain, especially after 45 years.

It can be a nuisance that persists for months or even years. The neck pain can also be accompanied by headache, nausea and dizziness.

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The causes are multiple:

  • A sedentary lifestyle: Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle is more inclined to assume bad posture which over the years can damage the cervical vertebrae and cause pain. It was also noted that in a weak condition and overall muscle failure, the postural muscles is much harder to support the body.
  • Muscle contractures: Is the most frequent cause as regards the cervical pain, especially for the younger people.
  • Smartphone: Yes, even the phone can cause damage to our spine, forcing us too long to be with her head down and into awkward position. Experts recommend looking at the phone holding his back in a neutral position and not tense, with ears aligned with the shoulders and shoulder blades retracted.
  • Traumatic factors: as chills, whiplash, or the practice of some sports (boxing, rugby, body building …).
  • Cervical hernia: A disorder that causes the flattening of the cervical vertebrae discs (can be created by a traumatic factor as an accident or by improper practice as a wrong posture).
  • Cervical osteoarthritis: A degenerative disease of the cervical vertebrae, which usually appears between 50 years and older.
  • Other causes of cervical can be the stress, occlusion defects of the dental arches, visual field defects that affect the spine.

In most cases, however, the cause is not serious alteration that affects the ligaments, muscles and joints. The important thing is never to underestimate the trouble and rely to a specialist if the situation so requires and the pain persists over time.

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The first concern is to change bad habits. If we are forced to spend many hours at the computer for study or work, it is important to stand up every now and then, to rotate and flex the neck to remove the accumulated tension, keep the monitor at about 50-70 cm away from the eyes and adjust it further down of the eyes. You must also be careful to use proper mattresses and pillows, avoid being stressed and try to take the correct locations (the Yoga in this sense is a discipline that can give us innumerable benefits). A correct diagnosis is, however, necessary to deal with the right therapy (medication, physiotherapy or surgery), so it is good to undergo an X-ray to assess properly the extent of the problem.

In the acute phase, they can be administered analgesics and muscle relaxants; It can be extremely beneficial to wear a collar designed specifically for those suffering from neck, which exploits the benefits of thermotherapy: the heat it has a natural analgesic that relieves pain immediately. Designed to be worn under all types of clothing, the collar emits therapeutic heat to 40 degrees for more than 8 hours.

Physiotherapy can also help a person to heal, as well as physical exercise and stretching, excellent to prevent and avoid the occurrence of cervical or recurrence. Even the spa therapies, using mud therapy, may be a solution.

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