4 Treatments Being Made From Pumpkin


It is useless to continue to lie to yourself. As you do, you want to convince, filling the house with fake cobwebs and adopting the disguises most terrifying, that Halloween is not a tradition that belongs to us. We are a country architecturally unsuitable for the dynamics of trick or treating door to door. So stop torturing this poor pumpkin and use it instead in a more profitable, taking advantage of the amazing properties of a low calorie vegetable that helps to combat stress and insomnia and is rich in anti-oxidants and beta-carotene, used by organism for the production of vitamin A.

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Obviously, the first thing you can do is eat it. But the pumpkin, the protagonist and vegetable wellness, fall / winter, also, appreciated as a base for cosmetics from easy home preparation.

Scrub pumpkin

Blend the pulp of the pumpkin, until the mixture is creamy, add brown sugar and cinnamon. Massaging the skin and rinse with warm water. Vitamins A and C, and the enzymes present ortaggio help nourish the skin and prevent skin will irritate.

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Pumpkin on head

Often we talk about blockhead to refer to someone especially hard on the uptake or persons incredibly stubborn. But the pumpkin, appropriately applied on the head in the form of poultice, can help revive dull hair. A compound of pumpkin pulp, honey and argan oil, kept posing on dry hair for about 20 minutes, he almost miraculous effects. Obviously, you have to rinse it thoroughly with the shampoo …

Smooth skin like a pumpkin

Although it might take revenge on all suffered harassment, pumpkin, basically, do not hold a grudge. Applied to the face before going to sleep, the pureed pulp and combined with a jar of natural yogurt, a teaspoon of olive oil, chopped almonds and Manuka honey, it is a great alternative to costly industrial wrinkle creams.

Claws Pumpkin

Do you want to pull out the nails, but you’re afraid to break them? Again, the pumpkin comes to your rescue. The essential oil extracted from its seeds, massaged over and under the nail and on the cuticles once or twice a day for at least 2 months, has a highly efficient strengthening effect.

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