Waking up in the morning and coming to the mirror, every woman stops, contemplating her reflection. In the head begins a cycle of thoughts: “what to wear,” “how to make-up,” “how to style your hair.” No doubt, we all want to look stylish and attractive. Fashionable hairstyle one of the most important details of the image, especially in the summer. Here are a few fashion options that will help in this task.

Create a fashionable hairstyle the volume


If you have thin hair, do not get upset. Make a cliometric fashionable hairstyle with the help of a rim from your own hair. To do this, you need to braid the spikelets or the French braid from one side of the face and throw it so that the weaving forms a rim. Take the invisible ones with flowers and fasten the braid around the perimeter. To give the image of piquancy. Read more: How to create a great visitor experience

We combine smoothness and volume Hair smooth combed top


The strands that gathered at the back of the head are divided into three bunches. We collect the two upper ones in tails one on top of the other and twist it into shards. The remaining hair is collected as a half-tail. Read more: 5 types of exercises that will improve your life

Refreshing yesterday’s styling

Are you too lazy to wash your hair and do a new styling? Not scary. Add volume to the top of the head using a fleece. Lateral strands of hair twist in the form of a roller, fixing the studs. The hair that was gathered from behind, put in a volumetric bundle and also secure with the help of invisible and hairpins.

Making a braid with a tail Love something unusual?


Bite the spikelets, starting from the upper temporal part towards the center of the head and along the entire length, terminate it with a scythe. The links that will pass along the vertex will be slightly disheveled. This will add volume. The remaining hair is gathered behind the tail with the scythe.

Masking the “creative disorder”

You washed your head in the evening and are afraid to fall asleep before you can wait until it dries? Just braid a few not too tight braids. In the morning, untwist them and, combing, gather the tail in the lower part of the head. Add a twist, you can with the help of two left braids on the sides.

We make simple packing


This laying does not require special skills and abilities. Move your hair and bangs to one side and tape them well. To keep the fashionable hairstyle in shape, use styling products.

Experiment with curls


The top of the hair on the crown should be combed back and, using a gel, to give them a smoothness. On the bottom of the hair, make large curls. In the area of the temples, lock the side strands with invisible ones.

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