The best cleansing diet

cleansing diet

Who of us as have not thought about going on a diet these days? The beginning of the year is a good time to cultivate a healthy eating habit. We will remove the excesses of the holidays, while weight down and we increase our health.

After the holidays need our body back to normal? As there are no miracle diets, we will see a few aspects that can be of great help to achieve our goal.

cleansing diet
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We will use common sense: In winter it is not advisable to do a low calorie diet because our energy requirements are higher than in summer. We must reduce food intake, but a diet based on fruit and / or juice

We will increase the amount of liquids: As thirst to drink without fatigue renal system, we must use heating and kidney tonic drinks. Liquids are the most desirable wines of vegetables and legumes, as well as teas.

We will make five meals a day: Fractionated diets make our organization more responsive to weight loss. It is share what we eat in the day in five intakes: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and dinner.

We will work to the liver: It is a central body in digestion and is congested by saturated fats, sugars and alcohol. Each day eating whole grains, legumes and leafy green vegetables contribute the required amounts of fiber. Insoluble fiber combat constipation and soluble promotes the secretion of bile which helps digestion do well.

We help kidney: The kidney is not a passive filter as the drain of a sink. It is a pump that is designed to remove 1.5 liters of urine per day. Therefore it is not exhausting kidney drinking 8 glasses of water a day and taking tonics but slightly increasing consumption of vegetable broths and juices algae. We can also take that tone re-mineralization kidney teas.

Replace animal proteins by legumes is a great choice because they contain much smaller amounts of purines. Thus the saying that is not that much cleaner clean but the dirty little fulfilled. The azuki beans are outstanding as harmonizing food kidney then you cannot miss in our diet.

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A very important issue is to apply heat just above the kidneys and / or lower back. The kidney is an organ that is weakened by the cold and cooling, and heat application is essential to activate its function. The heater mud is a form of heat application healthy against electric blanket.

During this month we should avoid the “ornaments” diet as sauces, side dishes and more. We can take grains and legumes with basic cooking, green leafy vegetables blanched or steamed and some sauerkraut or germinated. Of course you cannot miss a small amount of algae and heating soups.

Signs that the plan has worked are: better looking skin, hair and nails, less weight, more vitality and inner peace. Of course, it never hurts to repeat that all food must be organic.

You can help this process with the liver cleansing pack consisting of a nutritional recommendations designed by me and some food supplements (herbal and vitamin and mineral complex) required for liver decongestion. Visit for more diet tips.

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