Six jumpers every man should have in his wardrobe

As much as we love the summer months, there is something appealing about sitting down by a fire on a cold winter’s night, wearing your favourite jumper.

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Everyone loves a good jumper, and if you invest in a well made, quality timeless design, you will be wearing it for years to come.


Depending on whether you live in the city, or the countryside, will determine what thickness of jumper you need. Will you be wearing it underneath your coat, or are you looking for a jumper that can act as a jacket and can be worn outside on its own?

Crew neck

The crew neck jumper is one of the most versatile designs a man can have in his wardrobe. It can be worn with practically anything, including a shirt, tee shirt or blazer and is available in a choice of pastel and primary colours. The crew neck also comes in a variety of materials, from cashmere to chunky highland wool.

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Long gone are the days when sweatshirts were worn as sports gear. Today’s sweatshirts are very much seen as a fashion item and the more lived in it looks, the better it looks too, with many stores offering faded designs so customers can buy the ‘well loved’ look.

Striped knitwear

Often associated with the French, the cotton striped knit originated from the French navy during the 1950s. Traditional editions had 21 blue on white stripes which it is believed marked each of Napoleon’s victories. Stripes were also chosen to help make it easier to spot sailors who were lost overboard!

Zip up jumper

Not quite your grandad’s cardigan, the zip up jumper, is a modern version! Worn on its own zipped to the top, or over a tee shirt and left partly undone, the zip up acts as a lightweight jacket, or as a standalone sweater.

Fishermans knit

This much loved classic design is worth investing in. Originally used to protect fisherman from the harsh seas off the Irish Island of Aran, mens aran sweaters are found is all stylish men’s wardrobes. mens Aran sweaters can be found here.

Roll neck

The classic polo is the Marmite of sweaters – you either love them, or hate them. They look best worn with a suit and take away the need for a scarf, but they are tight fitting, so it’s a personal choice.

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