13 Most Simple and Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercises for Weight Loss

Is it difficult for you to fit into your already small trouser size? Your stomach does not allow you to bend down, what to clean in the house? Do you feel bad?

If your answer is yes, then you must change your lifestyle. You probably know yourself that you do not look very nice. And especially, now you are worried about your health or its condition in the future.

This is a very difficult task: Lose weight through exercise

I would even say that this is an almost unrealistic task if you do not change your way of life. You need to love yourself. After all, you are unique and there is no such thing anymore.

And, if you are reading this blog for a long time, you most likely noticed how much information I give specifically to nutrition. After all, it is not only losing weight, but also life.

However, it happens that without physical exertion, too, to move the weight off the dead end is not an easy task. And to simplify it, you need the most effective weight loss exercises. Of course, not everyone can allocate extra time and money to sports halls and fitness centers.

Therefore, in this article, I suggest that you learn about the simplest and most effective exercises that you can master at home. And it does not matter whether you are a beginner or already advanced. These exercises are especially good.

But first, let’s analyze why we accumulate fat …

 Exercises for Weight Loss
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Why does fat accumulate in the body?

Some amount of fat in the body is normal for existence. But excess fat should be a cause for concern. Do not worry; you can calmly remove the fat by doing the exercises.

But there are a number of reasons why it accumulates in adolescents and adults. Let’s see…

1. Genetics

Scientists have long discovered that much depends on genetics. If your parents and grandparents had a big stomach, you, too, tend to the same.

You can have a body in the shape of an apple or pear-shaped. Those who have a pear-shaped form, accumulate fat in the lower part of the body, for example, buttocks. But who has an apple-shaped body, there is a tendency to accumulate fat around the middle part, the abdomen.

You also need to know that fat accumulates, both around your organs, and under the skin. But genetics does not say that you are doomed.

2. Weak metabolism

This is another reason. Women are more prone to obesity than men. You probably noticed that some people eat a lot of sugar, fried foods. Nevertheless, they manage to maintain a flat stomach.

The reason is that they have a very high metabolic rate. If your metabolism is not very good, you can have a bloated stomach.

The causes of slow metabolism may be thyroid dysfunction, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

3. Hormonal changes

Perhaps you are familiar with how the hormonal level in the body changes in middle age?

This, just leads to the accumulation of fats in the abdomen. It often turns out that there is an increase in the body of women’s male hormones and vice versa.

You can say that hormones regulate the concentration of fat in the body, and your figure is completely dependent on them.

4. Stress and hypertension

Stress increases the level of cortisol in the blood, which leads to the accumulation of fat in the body.

5. Diseases

Women suffering from diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, stroke and metabolic syndrome often also suffer from fat accumulation.

6. Weakened muscles

If your muscles are underdeveloped, then it can lead to obesity. All you need to do is start doing weight loss exercises. You will get a thinner waist and quality musculature.

It’s the muscles that burn most of the calories in the body, and if they are not, then you simply accumulate them in the form of fat

7. Sedentary life style

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of obesity in the 21st century.

If you do not engage in any physical activity and spend most of your time sitting, watch TV, read, it’s a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to accumulation of fat, not only on the stomach, but also throughout the body.

8. Overeating

If you eat too much, you can also gain weight and fat. In combination with a sedentary lifestyle, this can have serious consequences for your health.

We do not always pay attention to excess weight and rely on our genetics. But in fact, according to medical experts, this can be potentially dangerous. This leads to a number of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and, even more dangerous, even a stroke.

 Exercises for Weight Loss
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How to reduce your tummy?

Diet and exercise will always help.

Many of you already know this and have already started going to the gym. But doing a lot of all kinds of wrong exercises, just give up. And then all that you have achieved comes back.

The best way is simple and correct exercises that you can perform even at home!  If you really want to lose weight, you need to allocate only 10-15 minutes of time for exercise.

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The most simple and effective exercises for losing weight at home

To make it easier for you to navigate and not get lost in the text, pay attention to pictures that show how to perform each of the exercises …

1. Twisting

Twists occupy the first place among all exercises. Now it’s time, we start together. Follow the instructions below …

  • Lay down on the rug, bending your knees, and your feet on the ground. Or the legs are raised at an angle of 90 degrees in the knees, as in the figure. You can put your feet on the sofa, for example.
  • Hands behind the head or crossed on the chest.
  • Take a deep breath and, as soon as you lift the upper part of the torso from the floor, exhale. Body lifts at an angle of 30 – 40 degrees from the floor, do not take a pose while sitting.
  • Do 10 repetitions in 2 -3 approaches, as for a beginner.

2. Twisting with turns

Once you get used to simple twists, you can change them a bit to get an even more effective weight loss exercise!

  • Lay down on the rug, hands behind the head.
  • Bend your knees, feet on the floor.
  • As with the previous exercise, just raise your right shoulder upward, keeping the left side of your torso on the ground.
  • Then vice versa. This will be one repetition. Only 10 repetitions.

3. Lateral Twist

This is like the second exercise. The only thing you need is to make the right leg rise, during the rise of the left shoulder and vice versa (as in the figure).

4. Inverse Curls

This is one of the best exercises for losing weight belly.

Here we raise the lower part of the trunk. The level of lifting is the knees, approximately, at the level of your shoulders.

5. Vertical Twists

  • Lie down on the floor or on the rug, legs stretched up, laying the knee for the knee.
  • Now inhale, as in Exercise One, and lift the upper body from the floor.
  • Slowly exhale when you lower the body down!
  • Do 10-14 repetitions, in 3 sets.

6. Bicycle

Just do not think that you need to buy a bicycle for this …

  • Lay down on the floor, hands either on the sides, or behind the head.
  • Now lift both feet and bend them in the knees.
  • Move that right knee closer to the chest, holding the left leg. Then, on the contrary, as if you twist pedals on a children’s bicycle.

7. Falls

This is a warm-up for beginners to burn fat faster. This exercise is especially effective for buttocks and legs. It can be done with dumbbells in the hands.

  • Stand up, feet place. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  • Both hands can be kept on the belt.
  • Take a step forward with your right foot and sit down, as if on a chair. So that your shins are about 90 degrees to the floor. Left foot behind.
  • The spine should be straight. Do not swing forward.
  • Then stand on the original and repeat this exercise, stepping on the other leg.
  • Continue repeating these movements 10-16 times.

8. Raising the legs on the chair

All you need for this exercise is a chair. It seems it is not difficult, to perform such an exercise for losing weight at home. After all, every house has it.

  • Sit on a chair with a straight back, do not strain your shoulders.
  • Hold both hands at the level of the body, palms down or grasp the backrest if it’s hard for you (as in the picture).
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Now, on exhalation, raise both legs up, closer to the chest. Hold for 5 seconds. Do not lean forward and do not fall back.
  • Lower your legs slowly and repeat the movement again.

9. Bending to the sides

This is the best exercise for your waist …

  • Stand straight, feet ya shoulder width apart. Raise your hands above your head.
  • Now bend the body to the right as far as possible until you feel the tension on the left side of the waist. Stay in this position for 15 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Now make a bend to the left. Repeat 10 times in each direction for 2 -3 approaches.

Then, you can increase the exposure time to 30 seconds.

 Exercises for Weight Loss
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Cardio weight loss exercises

Cardio exercises are among the most effective ways to burn calories. This is a very effective exercise for losing weight.

At the same time, cardio exercises also carry other health benefits: reducing stress, increasing your lung capacity, improving sleep and feeling good overall.

Many of the cardio exercises at home can not be performed. If only you have the opportunity to purchase additional equipment.

But I do not advise you to do this!

10. Weight loss walks

This is one of the best cardio exercises for weight loss.

Are you surprised? Do you think this is too simple and not effective?

Well, then, know that walking is the most effective way to burn fat in the abdominal area.  If you follow a healthy diet and stroll for 30-45 minutes and 4-5 days a week, your goal will be much closer.

This exercise increases your metabolism, as well as the heart rate. Thus, walks help to eliminate fat accumulated in the abdomen.

11. Running

This is an effective way to improve the cardiovascular system, burn calories and belly fat. For some of you, this word sounds like a morning alarm, irritable. Not all gtoovy go on the treadmill.

However, remember that running is always on the list of the most effective exercises for burning fat and losing weight. Of course, you can not run it at home, but still …

12. Cycling

This is another effective cardio exercise for losing weight and burning calories. This is also one of the most effective exercises. Imagine only how you can steeply ride through the natural landscapes in a good company and thus lose weight in pleasure.

13. Swimming

Swimming helps to reduce weight and tones the body. Swim at a faster pace to burn more calories. You can start with 1-2 workouts a week.

In addition, it perfectly helps to avoid health problems and improves posture. You will really look great …


Looking at the list above, you can say that now everything is in your hands. These simple and effective exercises will help you lose weight and find an attractive shape.

And it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, you can confidently say that they will be effective for both. You can easily do most of these exercises at home without the help of any exercise equipment or personal trainer (except cardio, of course).

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