6 effective exercises to strengthen arms and eliminate fat

effective exercises

If we want to strengthen the arms it is desirable that, in addition to being consistent with our exercise routine, combine it with a balanced diet and avoid excess fat.

The survival instinct causes the body tends to accumulate fat to have reservations if we lack food. This accumulation is especially annoying when it occurs in the arms, because of its visibility. To avoid sagging resulting, it is best to understand why it occurs and follow our advice.

Why do we need effective exercises to strengthen your arms?

In the early developmental stages the upper and lower extremities were indispensable to survive, especially the quadriceps and triceps, respectively.

In the case of the triceps, they were important because they were the contributing force to get the food by hand. No contestant today do not need to use it daily, but genetically these parts are designed to store more fat than others and have a large muscle mass.

effective exercises
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Therefore, we do not use that fat becomes sagging we see in our extremities. So, the best solution is to combine proper diet with effective exercises to strengthen your arms.

6 exercises to strengthen arms

Then we give a wide range of possibilities that go from classical to the most original and groundbreaking:

1. Funds or dipping never fail

If you are one of those people who has trouble leaving home, this is your exercise: you just need a chair and your body.

  • Place the chair next to the wall to prevent it from moving.
  • Stand with your back to it, he supports the palms on it and bend your elbows, so that move up and down your body.
  • In this way, you will pray your own weight with the strength of your body and can remove fat.

2. L as pushups is very useful to strengthen the arms

Surely when you were in school did odd: only you have to lay out and support your body weight on the ankles and arms. Then up and down your body.

To avoid injuries, be sure to take the correct posture. It is essential watch your position in this type of exercise, as do with poor posture can lead to more or less serious problems.

3. Weights are infallible

Dumbbells are very useful and comfortable. You can buy a pair easily exercise at home, when you want and doing the activity you want simultaneously.

In addition, the weights are given the opportunity to work different areas as favoring the implementation of several effective exercises to strengthen your arms and end all fat.

4. Put your body rhythm: Dances flamenco

We are many people who get bored to impose a sports routine. However, procrastination becomes fun if we add music and dance creativity. As we know, in Flemish limbs they have much prominence, so that in addition to fun, the different styles of the genre will give us a large number of effective exercises to strengthen your arms.

5. Relieve your stress with boxing

If you want to remove fat from your arms and also have a very stressful life, boxing is your sport. This exercise is increasingly popular among people with busy lifestyles as it releases the stress that has accumulated throughout the day.

Sack exercises are the most effective, given that the triceps applied full force to strike him, matter that guarantees almost immediate results without the need to enter combat.

6. Not everything is meditation: Try the cobra pose

Lie down completely upside down and lifts the trunk supporting palms on the floor. The arms tightened until completely straight, so that the weight of the chest will be held with the triceps.

In general, yoga asanas are effective exercises to strengthen arms. This has the advantage of being less aggressive discipline fitness, in addition to facilitate the proper functioning of the body.

Note that none of the exercises listed exclude others, so choose that seem most fun and best suited to your needs and, before long, sagging of your arms will be gone.

If you are also constant, the looseness never is a problem.

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