How to support the elderly with bathing

As we age we can find that there are some tasks that we carry out daily that become more challenging. This of course can be made worse by medical conditions and disabilities. Whilst a lot of different areas of our lives can be affected by age, such as our mobility and movement, one area that can be very challenging to need support with, is that of personal care. Most of us want to retain our independence for as long as possible and this is certainly true for bathing ourselves.

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If you have an elderly relative that needs support with their bathing there are a number of things that you can do to help them.

Patience -it is important to be patient when supporting an elderly person with their bathing and personal care routines. They need to feel that they are being cared for in a kind and compassionate manner especially as it can feel very degrading having to have someone else support them with washing.

Equipment – there are Bathing Aids like the ones that you can get from that can help ensure that the individual is kept safe and supported. These aids can be anything from grab rails and shower chairs through to items that may allow them to wash themselves with more ease.

Planning – make sure that you plan their care routines and give them an indication of when you are going to be around to help them. This allows them to plan the rest of their day.

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