Where would you wear your high neck?

Fashion fads tend to come and go as quickly as the seasons change, which is great news because it means that whatever style you happen to favour will be catered for at some point. Right now, the latest fashion must-have look is the high neck. Where did this trend come from and would you wear it out on a girls night out to the Nightclub Cheltenham way who offer a fun night out in a safe environment through links such as https://latenightcoco.co.uk/.

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High-neck designs have always been around in the fashion background; think polo neck in winter or the Victoriana. However, like ruffled necklines popularised by the early fashion style of the late Princess Diana, it’s only quite recently that they have been incorporated into a wider range of lines, from catwalk to the high street. Here are some possible reasons for this trend.

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High-neck clothes are versatile

Designers might come up with a high-neck top without sleeves, for example, extending its use beyond sweaters in the coldest months. Close-fitting polo necks can also be worn underneath or over favourite items, such as a black maxi dress, to create layers for the cooler months.

High neck clothes are appealing to all ages

For the younger clientele, high-neck tops and dresses may be just a comfortable fashion item, but there are plenty of older people who are fashion-conscious but also nervous or uncomfortable about showing too much of their neck.

High-neck clothes are very wearable

It’s easy to wear a high-neck outfit to nearly every occasion and not run the risk of being over- or underexposed. Another great feature of high-neck styles is that you can buy a couple of statement pieces and really mix and match to pair them with lots of your current wardrobe staples. The basic rule to keep in mind is to look for contrast. So, for example, a chunky knit cowl neck sweater shines when teamed with a slim-fitting skirt or pair of trousers or jeans.

High-neck clothes can look incredible in any one of a dozen or more combinations, and they are able to transition throughout the seasons perfectly. Best of all, they look good on everyone, regardless of their age or body shape. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they are the fashionista’s choice for 2019!

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