What Should A Woman Pack For A Weekend Away?

Going away for the weekend is something to look forward to, but knowing what to pack when time is short can be tricky.

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Having some sort of checklist can help, but it will need to be adjusted depending on where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing. Think carefully because you don’t want to be carrying lots of unnecessary items, but equally, you don’t want to be under-dressed or over-dressed. Check whether your accommodation provides towels and bedding.


If you’ll be doing any specific activities, add items for that onto a separate list. It might be as simple as a swimming costume, or it could be black-tie attire that is smarter than your average evening or dinner wear.

Must-Have Items

Start with underwear. Bring one set for every day you’ll be away, along with an extra set just in case. Include socks and sleepwear here, but remember that you can probably live without your slippers for a weekend!

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Choose clothes carefully based on versatility. You can’t go wrong with two tops and a jumper, even if it looks hot. Two bottoms – trousers or skirts – ought to cover both day and evening, but if you have space, pack something for evening wear. Think about footwear; shoes are heavy, so keep them to a minimum.

Cosmetics can really bulk up your bag, so try to cut that back and give travel-sized packs a go.


This section covers essentials like ID and travel documents or tickets, your phone and your laptop charger. Think about anything you might want on the journey, like a satnav or map, bottled water, snacks, and any other travel aids.

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If you’re looking to go away for a little longer, you’ll need more options. Pixie Belle Style goes into more detail about versatility when packing for a week away.

Don’t forget glasses or contact lenses and any medicine you might need.

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