What do tree surgeons do?

Ever wondered what tree surgeons do? It sounds medical but in fact, it is the work involved with trimming, logging, planting and treating all kinds of trees. This is a job with great responsibility and can also be one of the most dangerous jobs to have.

There are many services offered by tree surgeons, all of which are related to tree management in all types of locations and for many different customers. Therefore, a tree surgeon must be good at communicating with people, have great physical fitness, comfortably work with various electrical devices and enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions.

One part of the work of the tree surgeon is conducting inspections and assessments of health and the potential dangers of certain trees. This assessment gives the surgeon the opportunity to find out how work should be done and how potential hazards can affect the public. Personal work will involve discussions with clients about how the work will be done, how long the work will take place, and the estimated costs required. For a reliable Tree Surgeon Bournemouth, contact Kieran Boyland.

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When a tree suffers from dead or weak branches, the tree surgeon must decide whether the tree’s health is risky and whether it is healthy enough to be saved. This is where they usually have to climb trees with bridles, to remove dead branches. This is why it is important to have a high level of fitness, because you can climb very high trees every day!

The danger of the occupation comes with the use of pruning tools and saws suspended high in the tree. An experienced professional will know how to use the equipment in a safe and controlled manner to avoid possible accidents.

When removing a number of dead branches is not enough to save the tree, it may be necessary to remove all trees, especially those concerning public safety issues. Such a large and dangerous task usually requires several people working on it simultaneously, playing different roles to stay safe. Throwing wood into a wood shredder is also a dangerous task.

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The work involves not only pruning or cutting trees but also planting them and caring for them too. Planting is important work that must be done properly to ensure plants are in the soil properly and cared for, so they can develop. Use of support and cables may be needed to prevent trees from needing extra care in the future.

Tree surgeons are also involved in smaller projects such as pruning hedges in the park and along the road and each problem stump that requires lifting.

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