Staying safe with mobility difficulties

Mobility difficulties can occur for a number of different reasons. From those that occur as a result of an accident or injury, through to those that occur due to a disability that may have been present at birth, or may have been acquired later on in life. When mobility issues arise it is important that the individual is kept safe. This might mean needing support from Disability Aids like the ones that are available from Ability Superstore.

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Mobility needs can differ dramatically from person to person and they can also be different for each individual throughout the year. For example, when people live with conditions such as arthritis they might find that their condition becomes worse during the colder, wetter months. Equally, those with disabilities that affect their posture and stability might find that wetter weather makes it harder for them to get around safely.

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Safety needs to be of the utmost importance for anyone, particularly for those with mobility issues that might make them more at risk from slips and trips. This is where safety equipment and aids such as walking sticks, frames and even wheelchairs can support any individual’s mobility. Grab rails and ramps can also help prevent slips from occurring as they provide extra support that might be needed.

As winter approaches it is important that those who care for individuals with mobility needs, think about safety mechanisms that might need to be put in place in the event of snowfall or ice developing on the ground.

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