The best survival gadgets for outdoor adventurers

Whether you’re going hiking, camping, or even preparing to tackle the untamed wilderness in the style of Bear Grylls, there are certain crucial and even life-saving items you need to remember to pack on your travels. For your convenience, we’ve made a handy list of the top four things not to forget when setting off on your adventures.

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Water Purifier

Drinking water is important. Fortunately, there are a few handy tools that can help you if you run dry. The LifeStraw invention, for example, enables you to drink freely from water sources without the associated fear of poisoning. It incorporates a purification filter to ensure all water you end up drinking is safe for consumption.


You could carry matches or a lighter, but anyone who has tried to light one of these in poor weather knows that a regular Zippo isn’t going to make the cut if you’re trapped in the middle of a storm. For that reason, we recommend the Swedish Army Firesteel tool for creating a spark even in wet or windy weather and enabling you to get that fire going. Proven to last for up to 12,000 strikes, it has a seal of approval from the International Survival Instructors Association so we know it means business!

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Durable and sturdy bag

Instead of carrying around a stylish high-street bag, you need one that is durable, comfy and spacious, enabling you to carry all your essentials. One such bag is the Vanquest Carry Bag from sites like, which is a lightweight yet tough messenger bag with several compartments for everything you need to take with you.


You’re going to need something to light your way when the sun goes down, and you won’t want to rely on your smartphone to do that! You don’t know the type of weather you’ll encounter, and we all know your iPhone won’t last the day without being charged. Instead, you should invest in a solar-powered wind-up torch. Not only do you not have to worry about charging it, but you’ll get a ton of light from just a minute of winding the crank.

Of course, there are several other things you’ll need to remember, such as first-aid, tools, cooking equipment and more. Get in touch today and let us know your top survival tips and tricks for surviving the outdoors!

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