Six Ways That a New Floor Can Make Your Room Look Bigger

Whether you want to make the most of a smaller room or you are looking to create a flow from one space to another, we have some tips to help make your home look more spacious.

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1. Go Dark

Your first instinct to open up a small space may be to pick light colours. But when it comes to flooring, choosing something dark can do the trick. It can create a real contrast with lighter-coloured walls and draw the eye to make the room seem larger.

Choosing a pattern, such as a wood look, can help if it’s laid along the longest wall. We’ve also found a great example of using stripes to elongate a room:

2. Blend One Space into Another

Using the same flooring throughout a home can help expand the sense of size. It’s particularly effective if you have an open-plan area like a kitchen/diner. It can also work well to create a flow from indoors to outdoors if you have a conservatory. Vinyl flooring is a great option here. It can be put down in one sheet and is incredibly practical when it comes to cleaning.

3. Go Large

Another suggestion which may go against your first instinct is a large pattern. Something like bigger tiles create fewer breaks in the floor.

4. Go Wide

A similar idea, this one applies if you want a wood-look floor. Wider planks also break up the room less. If you’re not entirely convinced, a great and relatively inexpensive way to try this out is to opt for a patterned vinyl floor.

Take a look at the styles available at sites like

5. Black and White

Choosing a monochrome look can really bring a space together. The mix of light and dark decor can cut down on contrast. Use black and white combined with the tips above for maximum impact.

6. Approach Lines Differently

Laying your flooring along the longest wall can make it seem bigger, but the most spacious area of your room is right across the floor. Try out a pattern on the diagonal to really stretch things out. Again, vinyl flooring is a fantastic way to try this one out.

With so many patterns and colours available, you should find something to draw the eye.

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