Influence: Truths and lies


Every year millions of peoples have to contend with the classic seasonal flu. They are very aggressive strains that in the worst cases may even lead to hospitalization.

The people at risk are as always the elderly, the children and people with diseases that progress could aggravate their condition. Without causing alarm, if the flu strikes is important to follow the normal pharmacological practice (in the case of bacterial virus) and the main relief remedies and to better address convalescence. Here we show all the influence truths and myths to debunk that confuse the patient.

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The truth about the influence

When we get the flu, colds and sore throats are accustomed, from childhood, with the grandma’s remedies. Some correspond to scientific truths, and others do not show up as a hole in the water. What are the tips to follow in case of flu? Here you go.

Orange juice

Drinking a pressed orange a day helps prevent flu or to heal more quickly. The Vitamin C contained in oranges and in many other foods, helps to strengthen the immune system and to better face the winter season. Attention to doses, excess vitamin (also in the form of supplements) can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Clean house

When someone at home is sick, it is good practice to clean the house more often. Disinfect the house helps to get rid from as fast as viruses. The influenza virus remains in the house up to 12 hours on hard surfaces and furniture, while on soft surfaces disappears immediately with a cloth. Use bleach or disinfectants for cleaning the home.

Remember to open balconies and windows to get air into the house (of course avoid the currents) and do not use clothes too hot to sweat (another myth), it is preferable to use fresh fabrics of cotton and linen especially if the house is already hot with fireplaces, stoves and heaters.


Sleep and rest are useful to help the body fight the flu virus. This applies to everyone, adults and children, for the latter is even more important the quality of rest to monitor respiratory infections and treat them the best.

Chicken broth

And in the remedy of the oldest grandmother and truer. The intake of protein facilitates, in fact, the reconstruction of the damaged cells from infection. The broth is the best way to feed thanks to the properties and ease of swallowing in case of stuffy nose and sore throat.

There is no single cough

Every cough has a history of its own. There is a cough, dry cough and mixed. Typically, to choose the most appropriate syrup or tablet you should seek the advice of the medical officer or the pharmacist. If the cough is oily, it will serve an expectorant to expel mucus, if it is dry will serve a calming and soothing (alternatively honey as a natural remedy).

Wet cloth

Another remedy the infallible grandmother wet cloth on the forehead to bring down a fever. Even the ethyl alcohol is an effective solution to lower body temperature. If the fever is high combine the wet cloth a good antipyretic.

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The influence lies

Contagion there after three days

Remember that each virus is different and every affected person deals with it in different ways according to their own bodily and organic characteristics. The virus does not survive forever but it is wrong to say that a patient is no longer contagious after the first three days of the flu.

The infection can occur at any time even in complete recovery of the subject. The only thing you can do those who assist the person affected is to avoid sneezing and coughing, and wash their hands constantly. Also avoid sleeping next to the patient, if it comes to children (for which a constant closeness is needed).

Antibiotics fight the flu

We are dispelling the taboo for the influence you need to take the antibiotic. Seasonal flu is caused by viruses and for this type of infection does not serve the antibiotics (used for bacterial infections). However, there are exceptions for which it is necessary the intervention of antibiotic medication under medical advice. This applies to people suffering from chronic diseases and the elderly and those with influence also manifest bacterial symptoms related to:

  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Sinusitis
  • Otitis
  • Pharyngitis by staphylococcus and streptococcus

The vaccine prevents more

The vaccine prevents flu, which runs in a specific year, but does not cover the body from all the viruses. Who is vaccinated is still a very low percentage of getting sick and getting the flu, also if you hit the flu will not be very aggressive. The vaccine should always for the elderly and those at risk. Remember to follow good personal hygiene and to drink plenty of water. Always consult your doctor in case of seasonal flu.

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