How to wear a dress shirt in the summer

One thing’s for sure when it comes to British summertime – you can’t predict it. Even though the forecast might show that we might need our coats for a little bit longer, you should still be prepared for when the sun does come out. After all, sitting in your hot office in a thick shirt is no fun. Here’s how you can plan to look good when the sun comes out.

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Some materials are well suited to warmer weather, due to their increased breathability. Lighter shirts are generally made from materials such as poplin or broadcloth, which have a smooth finish, making them perfect for the summer. You should also look out for shirts with pinpoint or end on end weaves to help you stay cool.


The lighter the colour of your shirt, the cooler it will be. Pale colours reflect the light away, whereas dark colours will just absorb it and make you hot and sweaty. Don’t be fooled into thinking that dark colours will help you hide any unsightly sweat patches, they will just make you sweat more. Stick with pale colours to stay cool and get into the summer spirit. Just don’t go overboard and wear a Hawaiian shirt.

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It goes without saying, but when the weather gets warmer, look into short sleeve shirts. Although classic dress shirts tend to have long sleeves, it is becoming increasingly popular to wear them with short sleeves, which is a bonus when the sun does eventually come out to play. There are a great range of mens Farah shirts in different styles, so it’s worth looking at a website such as to see what will suit you.

Out of the office

You don’t just have to wear dress shirts to the office, as styled in the right way, they will look great when you’re off work too. However, just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to open too many buttons. You can get away with opening one or two, but any more and you run the risk of looking over the top. Don’t be afraid to wear a dress shirt with shorts if the weather calls for it. Chinos also work well with shirts and allow you to stay cool whilst looking cool too.

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