Fun facts about essential oils

Essential Oils have become more and more popular over the years with people looking at new ways to improve their overall wellbeing. They have been used for thousands of years in one variety or another. But have you ever wondered, What are essential oils?

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  • Essential oils and produced from various parts of plants. This could be from the flowers, leaves and even the bark and stalks of some bigger plants.
  • The name can be slightly deceiving as they are not in fact oils as they contain no fatty acids. They are concentrate liquids that have been produced from the chosen parts of particular plants.
  • Essential oils are naturally created whereas a fragrance is synthetically or chemically made.

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  • Fields and fields of plants are grown in order to make essential oils. You can not make these oils from just a small number of plants and it is thought that it would take around 150 pounds of lavender plants to make just one pound of lavender oil.
  • Essential oils can‘t be used by just anyone. It is important that you check whether there are any oils that may not be suitable due to any pre-existing medical conditions that you have and there are a number that are not suitable to be used during pregnancy or on young children.

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