Arthur Sicard: the inventor of the snow blower

When winter comes around, snow can be a real problem. It can make it very difficult to drive on the roads, and the pavements can be equally treacherous. In the past, people used to hire outside help to clean the snow from their driveway with a shovel, but this was not very effective; large areas were hard to fully clear, especially while it is still snowing. Thais is not a problem any more, however, because you can simply use a snow blower.

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Snow blowers were created to help remove snow quickly, making it much easier for people to go about their daily business. Who exactly invented the snow blower, and how did this modern marvel get its start?

The Man Behind The Snow Blower

The person who invented the snow blower was Arthur Sicard in 1925. Arthur was raised in Canada, and he was well aware that snow was causing a big problem for lots of people. He was mainly concerned about the Canadian farmers, as they struggled to clean snow off their land so that the cattle could eat. It was nearly impossible for the farmers to shovel all of the snow away every day, so Arthur decided to come up with a solution of his own.

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After years of tinkering around with tools, he built a fairly basic machine that could remove snow. The machine was easy to create. It used a motor, a snow chopping section and a four-wheel-drive truck chassis. This made it possible to remove the snow very quickly, and it was far less tiresome than shovelling the snow.

The Importance Of The Snow Blower

Engine specialists say that snow blowers today are better than ever before. This is because modern snow blowers are more complex; it is possible to buy Briggs and Stratton Parts to update and customise models, and they are available in a wide range of different sizes.

This has made life easier for people all across the world, especially those who live in cold countries that experience snow, such as Canada and the UK. Don’t worry about the possibility of snow when the weather gets colder. If you have a snow blower in your house, you will be able to clear your driveway easily in a matter of minutes.

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