Laser eye surgery: What you should know?

Laser eye surgery

One of the most popular operations today and for several years is the laser eye surgery. This operation is used to correct vision defects (most of the time is myopia, but also can improve farsightedness and astigmatism) through an operation with low power laser.

We explain, in first person, what the surgery, how is the pre and post operative and you need to know to decide whether or laser eye surgery is not for you.

What you should know before surgery?

The first thing to do is go to our eye doctor, who has to make sure if we are eligible for the operation. Laser eye surgery can be done from the 18 years, but usually recommend waiting until late in the twenties for the graduation of our eyes has stabilized.

The myopia can be operated until 10 or 12 diopters, farsightedness to 5 diopters, and astigmatism has no limits, always depending on each case and each patient.

Laser eye surgery is contraindicated in pregnant women or nursing mothers because during pregnancy graduation may undergo some changes. Nor can undergo this type of surgery patients who are taking certain medications that may have interaction.

Laser eye surgery
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What is laser eye surgery?

In laser eye surgery basically what you do is remove the “refractive error” eye, caused by a difference between the curvature of the cornea and the length of the eye, which is what prevents us from seeing clearly.

To do this during operation a thin layer of the cornea is lifted, called flap, is reshaped with the laser area of the cornea to adapt and get a better view, and then repositions the flap in place.

The flap is now created with a microsecond laser and is always attached to the rest of the eye on one side, forming a hinge. Once the cornea has been reshaped with the laser, is “closed” again the flap, which does not require sutures, but adheres naturally.

The experience of laser eye surgery with surgery

I underwent surgery to remove my myopia three years ago (wearing glasses and contact lenses above) and the truth is I am very happy with the result. This is a very fast operation with a simple post – operative and does not require admission: we can rejoin our normal life in a few hours.

In preparation for the operation, once considered qualified us, all that is necessary is to wear glasses instead of contact lenses a few weeks prior to the bacterial flora of the eye or graduation naturally we cannot change.

A few minutes before starting operation in the eyes apply a few drops of local anesthesia, but during the operation are aware of everything that happens. Once we prepared we enter a dark room where we lay on a stretcher and we immobilize the head and eyelids to proceed with the surgery.

One of the most frequently asked questions of people about to undergo surgery is whether it is possible to move our eye during the operation , and assuming some risk. This is not possible because the laser eye surgery equipment have a device eye tracker that tracks the position of our eye to avoid any problems. The only thing they asked us is to look at a light or as still possible fixed point.

The operation is very fast and totally painless: in my case, I operated on both eyes and took no more than 10 or 15 minutes each. All I feel is perhaps a little warmth in the affected area, but in no case pain.

After the operation, will take us to a rest room with dim light and, after a reasonable time can go home on our own feet. It is advisable to wear sunglasses to go out because we have a greater sensitivity to light, and if you can accompany someone to safer, better see yourselves.

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How is post surgery?

The first part of the post operative would be the hours following the intervention. It is not painful, but it is quite annoying, or at least it was in my case. The feeling is to have gotten something in my eye: I noticed some itching and, especially, sensitivity to light. I had surgery early in the afternoon, and even night could not, for example, watch television because it bothered me. The post-operative hours is better than devote the rest.

The day after the operation can reinstate us perfectly to our normal life, and without contact lenses or glasses, of course. We apply ourselves only eye drops and artificial tears to moisten the eyes when we prescribe our eye doctor. The vision stabilizes after a few weeks Had we operated.

Subsequently made several revisions (usually up to one year after surgery) for our optician monitor progress of the operation and assess whether any touch – up is necessary (it occurs in a very low percentage of cases).

It is important that not rub our eyes during the weeks after the operation to prevent bad scarring of the cornea. Nor it is advisable to use makeup, practice swimming or contact sports in the weeks after surgery.

Possible risks and side effects

As in any surgical operation to which we submit, there are a number of risks of which we should be aware about our eye doctor will inform us before the operation.

About side effects, often suffer from increased sensitivity to light, which can be solved with the use of sunglasses, one more dryness in the eye (so the application of artificial tears is recommended if necessary) or presence of halos in the eye (visual distortion when some bright lights in dark environments). I do have noticed that strong or bright light bothers me more than before and that the eye is somewhat drier (less than when wearing contact lenses long put).

Personally, laser eye surgery has been a change for the better for me: in environments gym, working hard time on the computer or even riding the bike lenses ended up being a nuisance. The feeling of getting out of bed the first day and see perfectly, for someone who has needed glasses all her life, is indescribable, like magic.

Remember that the most important if you are interested in this type of surgery is always checking with your eye doctor to assess your case and you confirm that you are fit for it.

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